let’s see where this goes

Titleattempting drum & bass yet again

So, I need a nice camera. Preferably in the 400 - 600 dollar range. I’d probably use it for movies and such, as well as some pictures now and then.



So last night around midnight there was this huge crash that actually happened twice last night on our front porch, so naturally we looked to see what happened and there was my brother’s cap that was actually left under our local pool house. Like, you’d have to somehow pry open the hatch to get underneath, and it was really dark down there. Anyway, it had a note that said this:

Yeah, I have no idea who that is either.

Anyway, I’ll keep an update if I find out who did it. 

i literally just had a dream that i watched 6 episodes of Attack on Titan, then posted to tumblr about how much I liked it

what a stupid dream lmao

Playing in my first minecraft world again

dang, the feels are strong

3lixarofficial answered your post: I’d like to do another good ol’ gamepl…

you should do teh five night at fred haha


i knew someone would say this

probably should, but dang it looks traumatizing to play

I’d like to do another good ol’ gameplay video again. Maybe a scary one this time. 


doublecleffmusic replied to your post: “in some places vocals are a little we…

If the vocals are too wet, doesn’t that mean you need to cut BACK on the reverb???

I know, and it worries me because a label told me this. Unless they mean the reverse reverb. 

I’m gonna ask to specify lol

in some places vocals are a little wet and need more delay and reverb like the first 20 seconds.”

how do i even handle this information